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Stay Tune:Pastor Winfrey's Upcoming 38th Year Anniversary 2019 with Pioneer
The Pastor's Anniversary Committee did an exceptional job.  They left no stones unturned because they wanted for this celebration to be one to be remembered.  This year the church decided to love their Pastor in a special way that was visible.  

This year's celebration opened with Sunday, November 11th, Dr. L K Curry stirred our hearts as he spoke to us by the way.  Dr. Curry shared with us in a way that only he can.  His message entitled "A Pastor Leaving Some Stone Behind ."  His message was both practical and explosive.  

On Sunday, November 18th, The Pioneer Crusaders was our morning speakers.  During the afternoon Service, our Pastor's home church, Friendship Baptist Church were our guest.  And while there was a tornado between Friendship and Pioneer's location, Pastor Reginald Bachus and Friendship attended in great numbers and owe had a great celebration.
Sisters Joy Dewalt and Sister Ruth Donald were General Chairpersons this year.  
We must say, the Pioneer Family really worked the anniversary and honored Pastor Winfrey.  Pastor Winfrey was a happy soul throughout the celebration, and for this we say once again, "THANK YOU LORD."
To all our members and friends, thank you for assisting us this year to bring joy to  our shepherd, Dr. Preston R. Winfrey.  please see pictures from the entire event.
November 18th, 2018

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