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Pastor Winfrey has authored His

1st book and invites you to get 

your copy today.

You can call the Church office at 

 (708) 339-7790 or email the 

Author at for your Soft 

or Hard copy of 

Pioneer's Bible Studies are off to a good 

start. Last year we were featuring 

Pastor's Book

"Take No Thought"

This was taught by our Pastor on both 

Tuesdays @ 11:00 am


Wednesdays following Prayer Meeting at

7:00 pm

Classes with the Pastor are ongoing

All are welcome to join in.



Welcome Back Welcome Back Into the House of the Lord

This has been an interesting year in half but God is still on the Throne as we prepare to come back into the House of Worship

We're asking that everyone be mindful of the social distancing 6 feet apart/    families may set together.

Stop wait a minute

MANDATORY  everyone is to wear a Mask at all time!!

If you chose not to wear a mask you can follow us on

 Facebook Live every Sunday 9:00 am Preston R Winfrey

There will be temperature check and

hand sanitizer provided upon entering the building

All Are Welcome to Attend

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