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As Christians, we have been called to be stewards over the treasures that God has bestowed upon us. But, what does it means to be a steward? According to scripture, the role and responsibility of a 

steward is to take good care of everything that has been placed in our procession. This includes our church.

As members of Pioneer Missionary Baptist Church, we are responsible for her upkeep. One way we contribute to this upkeep is through the giving of tithes and offerings. Tithing is an act of faith that ensures that our finances are blessed. And we all want to be blessed, right? Our online giving is processed via Givelify and Paypal. These are trusted mobile apps.

Whether you forgot your checkbook, don't have cash, are on vacation, or just prefer electronic payment, our online giving solution makes giving easy, fast and convenient. Schedule a reoccurring donation or simply use it to pay your tithes, offering and more whenever you need.

If you have any difficulty making your donation on this site, please call our office for assistance in making your donation. Our office number is 708-339-7790

Our office hours are Tuesday through Thursday from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm.

Thank you for your tax-deductible donation.

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