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Tuesday Bible Class is at 11:00 AM

Wednesday Bible Class is at 7:30 PM

"Take No Thought"

by Dr. Preston R. Winfrey

Do you worry about things you cannot change? Worry is a self-created giant that has crippling side effects. It can lead to depression, mental and physical illiness, and loss of family and friends. It affects everyone, regardless of race, creed, or nationality. But you can stop the cycle of worry now with Take No Thought.

Dr. Preston R. Winfrey challenges you to change the way you think about life by entrusting all your worries and fears to God. In so doing , you can be lifted from the dungeons of fear, depression, and despair.

Dr. Winfrey reveals how Satan often decends upon us, putting worry into our hearts. In response , we must use the power of the Holy Spirit to turn to God in prayer during moments of worry.

Using Scripture, Dr. Winfrey offers practical suggestions to reduce and eliminate debilitating worry and anxiety. These include immersing yourself in the Bible, learning to be content with what you have, growing in your faith, and even getting a good night's sleep. Living life more abundantly can help you to regain stability when it comes to needless worry.

Learn to put your trust in God's direction for your life and banish the cycle of worry. Let Take No Thought show you how.

This book is available NOW. You can contact 

Dr. Winfrey personally to obtain your copy of his book.

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