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Tuesday Bible Class is at 11:00 AM

Wednesday Prayer & Bible Class is at 7:00 PM

Saturday Bible Study ~ 9:00 AM

All above events are virtual and are on Zoom

Meeting ID:   839 7551 9972

Passcode:  115290


Since COVID, our classes have moved to virtual settings.  We are meeting on ZOOM.  

In our Tuesday class, we are doing a study in the book of James.  We started this study January 17, 2023.   James reminds us that "faith without works cannot be called faith.  It is dead, and a dead faith is worst than no faith at all."  In our Tuesday class, questions are asked, answers are given, and there are great discussions about the Bible, life, and current issues that affects us all.  James is the New Testament version of the Wisdom books of the Old Testament.  Please feel welcome to join us for our Tuesday insightful class.  You do not have to be a member of Pioneer to attend and participate in this class.

On Wednesday night, prior to our class, the hour opens with a prayer meeting. Whoever desires to pray, may do so.  Testimonies, praise reports, and prayer requests are shared, and following these, a meditation is given from one of our Associate Ministers. In this Wednesday class, we are studying the Church Covenant.  We have studied the Covenant paragraphs at a time.  We have used the small teeth to comb through each line.  And pretty much like our Tuesday class, this is time spent with the Pastor in a disciplined study.  All age levels are welcome to participate in this class.  We welcome visitors as well.  Bible questions are presented, and biblical answers are given.  The purpose for each of our bible classes is to help the Christian to grow into maturity. Another design is to help any person who has never invited Christ to be their Savior, to do so without delay.

Our Saturday class is when we cover the Sunday School Lessons.  We are currently using the International Sunday School Lessons.  This is another great time for study, and fellowship with one another.  All of our class times are usually one hour.    On occasions, the times may vary depending upon the discussion.  At any rate, I am confident that you will appreciate, and will be blessed when you attend any of our classes.  

If you desire to connect with us, the information for making this connection is at the top of this page.  We welcome you. 

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